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2022-06-15 15:07:47 By : Mr. David Leung

Today, starting at 6:00 p.m., at the Juan Pablo II School, located at Calle Sor Bravo Hernández No. 816 (former Calle 14) in the Almirante Brown neighborhood, the Scholas Ocurrentes project will be launched, which is a foundation with pontifical rights, created by Pope Francis, to "respond to the call to create a culture of encounter, bringing together young people in an education that generates meaning."The project has as a pedagogical itinerary listening (thinking), creating (feeling) and celebrating (doing) in a harmonious way.It aims to ensure that young people can listen to each other, communicate and build bridges to meet each other and the rest of society through education, art, sports and technology.It is about creating citizenship to support learning processes that are inclusive, rescuing the knowledge and skills that boys and girls have.“Scholas is at the service of strengthening the “global educational pact” which has 7 commitments: putting the person at the center of all educational activity, listening to the young generations, promoting women, making the family responsible, opening up to welcoming , renew the economy and politics and take care of the common home.In our province, we will add different social actors, both institutional and personal, who want to join the project.We will form a team to design spaces for youth participation and social intervention activities in different areas: citizenship, art, sports, technology, etc.”, explained Father Mario Ramón Tenti, promoter of this new project in Santiago del Estero.Will carry out various activities during the dayAs they advanced from the organization, there will be a program to be developed during the launch of the project.The meeting will begin with an artistic opening, through representative dances from each continent;In addition, a video will be shown where Pope Francis explains what Scholas is.Then there will be the presentation of Scholas Santiago del Estero;then the artistic exhibitions of the participating schools will begin;and the meeting will end with a chocolate to share with those present.The Scholas Ocurrentes project is a hopeful bet because it shows the trust that Pope Francis and the Church have in young people as subjects of change and transformation of society."In August, the President of Scholas worldwide, José María del Corral, will visit us to formalize an agreement and give the project an institutional framework," said Father Mario Ramón Tenti.The latest in PoliticsThe latest in economics© EL LIBERAL SA (see mobile version) Editorial Director: Lic. Gustavo Eduardo Ick Santiago del Estero / Argentine Republic